Friday, May 4, 2007

New pictures are up!

First baths, the nursery, nice group shots and some stroller action, too!

Week 4: Is Daddy slipping?

I know, I know... I'm taking too long with the updates.

There are pictures to be added, all three have had their first baths (Noah jumped ahead in line due to his tendency to... um... spray). All three did well, although Emily was the fussiest of the bunch. Noah and Sydney sailed through the experience like it was no big deal, unless you consider them relieving themselves in the tub an editorial on bathing...

Emily... Oh, Emily. For someone who started out with breathing issues, she has taken her lung development seriously since coming home. She cries louder and harder than the other two by far. If we're lucky, a pacifier and some gentle stroking of her head combined with soothing talk will calm her. If... we... are... lucky... Once you get her calmed down, she appears to be almost angelic. She'll cuddle up against you, smile at you, make happy little noises and so on... until you try to put her down.

Noah is a sound effects machine in a diaper. He makes the most interesting array of grunts and noises on a regular basis. It's unusual for him to be quiet, although most of the time, he's not crying much. He is still quite the escape artist, escaping his swaddling blanket with astonishing ease. Before you're done wrapping him, he's likely to have a few fingers-- if not an entire hand-- out and moving around. He tries to grab his pacifier to hold onto it, but most often sends it flying.

Sydney is not always quiet, but her cries are more like squawks. She doesn't get wound up and howl like Emily or turn red and scream like Noah, but she gets decent volume and can get her point across fairly well. Other than that, you can just hold her and watch the show. She makes so many faces combined with her crossed eyes, she's just pure entertainment.

They're a couple weeks away from their next Dr. appointment, but we're reasonably sure they're all above 5 lbs. Their Mommy has already begun phasing out the "preemie" size clothing as it fits a little too snugly now. They're growing out of things! It's wonderful and exciting right now, although I'm sure I'll be less thrilled with them growing out of things as they get older.

We got our first package from the makers of Similac today! We filled out information cards at the hospital and again at the Dr.'s office and they are sending us formula for the beans! We are very thankful for any breaks we can get on expenses, and formula will be a big one.

The biggest news in the past week by far has to do with childcare for the beans, especially as Amy's maternity leave draws to a close. Amy and I happily accepted the offer from my parents to stay with us long-term and help us care for them so we wouldn't hire a stranger (nanny or au pair) or send them to a daycare center (didn't appeal to us anyway). The third option would have involved me resigning from my job and becoming a stay-at-home Dad. Thankfully, between my parents and Amy's family coming down from Muncie to help, we should have it covered at least until the end of the year. it's a huge help and we can't thank them enough. The support we have gotten from our family continues to demonstrate to us why it's important to have families.


P.S. The beans send their thanks to Aunt Cecilia for their perfectly matched clock in the nursery and the rain gear she has sent them.

To the SSPOM visitor who brought some food and a cake, thank you, we can't wait to try it!