Sunday, June 3, 2007

...and that's when he noticed that a month had gone by...

I know, I know... I don't know how many people I've told on the phone "I'll try to get something posted in the next couple days..." I know how many people have checked faithfully, hoping for news, updates and yes, NEW PICTURES! (Hint: They went up first)

Life has a way of recalibrating your schedule when there are three babies in play.

To put this as delicately as possible, there's a condition that occasionally occurs in women after their child(ren) have arrived. It happened here and it's being treated. That's all I'll say, out of respect for the situation, other than to say everyone in the house is fine.

HUGE thanks must go out to the grandparents! My parents at first and until they return, Amy's parents. They are holding down the fort and caring for the babies while we go to work. I don't like to think how much more complicated our lives would've become without the amazing help and support of our parents, stepping in to see to it that their newest grandbabies are cared for in their own home by their own family. Our children are surrounded by love all the time, and what could be better for them than that?

Speaking of the children:


In her recent photos, that I noticed while uploading them today, her appearance has changed so much lately! She's putting on weight, as evidenced by the double chin, chubby arms and legs, and those big cheeks! At her last Dr. appointment a few weeks ago, she was 7 lb 8 oz, still the biggest. She is most likely well over 8 lb now, possibly even 9lb! She is noticeably heavier to me when I pick her up. She will still howl the loudest and the hardest when she feels it necessary (like bath time), but she can also be so quiet and sweet and wide-eyed and curious. She is beginning to take note of her surroundings and interact with them a little here and there.


Noah is filling out nicely, but he still needs to take as much of his bottle as we can get into him. That has been complicated lately by some acid reflux problems, causing him to burp crud into his throat (very painful from the cries he makes) and/or spit up. His doctor has put him on Zantac for it, and it's been getting better but we're not out of the woods yet. A quarter teaspoon of Mylanta helps soothe him when he's in pain after feeding from time to time. He was 7 lb 3 oz the last time we checked, and I hope he's gaining well. I must say I worry about him most now.


Poor Sydney... Being third in line has taught her patience so far, since she usually has to wait for whoever fed Emily to get her finished up before starting on Sydney. She will squawk at you in her very distinctive yelping cry, but it's not the roaring howl of Emily or the pained screech of Noah. She may not wait quietly all the time, but she will wait... and we appreciate it so much. She still crosses her eyes, most times now with her tongue hanging out for good measure. She is an entertainer. She was 7 lb 2 oz at last check, so it's officially a battle for second place between her and Noah.

It's very late, and I have more to go through, but I'll close this for now. I promise I won't make you wait another month for another update!