Thursday, January 17, 2008

Growing, growing, growing!

Here are the pediatrician updates I promised. Sydney weighs 17 lb 6 oz, Noah weighs 17 lb 6-1/2 oz, and Emily weighs 17 lb 10 oz. Over the last several months, Noah has really overcome the reflux he suffered from. Since he is doing so well, we have officially stopped all meds for his symptoms. No more Prilosec or Zantac. We are thrilled! I was afraid he would experience withdraws since he really like taking his medicine. If he misses them, we don't know it! Our pediatrician has given us the ok to stop offering formula once they turn 1 year of age. Instead, we'll switch to Vitamin D milk. What a huge savings that will be.

Emily is officially on the move. She started crawling in the last week and is now pulling herself up! When I called home today to check on the babies, my mom said "Emily thinks she's hot stuff" moving about. She is really keeping my parents on their toes! Oh, she's already bumped her head a couple of times today. Grandma & Grandpa Ayres have a lot to look forward to when they arrive on Sunday.

Sydney just started saying Ma, Ma yesterday. John called me at work so I could hear her chanting them over and over. Of course when I got home, she didn't have anything to say to me.

Like Emily, Sydney and Noah are getting on their knees. I don't think it'll be long before they become the engines, not the caboose!

Noah is a character. He smiles so much and giggles at some the silliest things. For example, I sing a bit from a rap song that really gets a big response. Noah is our most eager baby food eater. He generally has 2 jars daily compared to 1 for each of the girls. Noah feels the faster you shovel it in the better. He really does take after me!

All three are doing terrific (outside of some recent nighttime sleep issues). John and I are preparing for his new job...stay at home dad, which will officially start the end of March. The grandparents will continue to help out as long as they are needed, for which we are thankful!

Well, my lunch hour is ending so I must get back to work. Please keep checking back for updates.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

9 Months Old

Yes, you read correctly. Emily, Noah & Sydney are 9 months old today. Although the first couple of months seemed to crawl, the recent months are flying by. I'm already starting to plan for their 1st birthday party. We already have their personalized bibs for the occassion.

The little stinkers personalities are in full force. Emily has decided to skip a nap or 2 each day. Instead of 3 naps daily, she sometimes only takes 1. As the Eddie Murphy song goes "my girl loves to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time!" She is rocking on her hands and knees so it shouldn't be long until she starts crawling. Noah started babbling on Christmas day like Emily. Lots of ba, ba's. He still has no teeth but still packs quite a bite! He loves to make noise and smile. He's especially amused by my yawns! Like Emily, Sydney is beginning to get on all fours. I don't think she'll be far behind her sister. Sydney is our most sensitive. Leaving her sight will result in a cry. She's so attached!

We took some snapshots yesterday in hopes of capturing a photo to submit in the Regis & Kelly Most Beautiful Baby Contest. Of course the pictures are cute, but we weren't successful getting smiles all around. You just can't imagine what a challenge that is. I'm hoping the Ayres triplets will be chosen. If they are not, I still think they are the most beautiful.

I will post updated weights/heights next week after their pediatrician appointment. Later this month, we'll visit St Francis Hospital for their Developmental Clinic where they are assessed by various therapist. This will be our 2nd assessment since the triplets were born 5 weeks premature. We passed with flying colors in July. I'm sure we'll have the same great results.

Time for bed. Got to be up @4:30a. Hoping no wild babies tonight. All 3 got up this am between 3a-5a. Not typical--thank God!


P.S. Emily says "Da, Da"