Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tree Trouble

On Christmas Day, I mentioned to my brother-in-law, Phil, that I was ready to take our tree down. He informed me that taking the tree down before Jan. 1 could result in bad luck. Well, I knew we wouldn't really take the tree down until the new year. We are exhausted and not looking forward to the additional work.

Yesterday, Dec. 26th, I was attempting to free Noah's remote control car from behind the tree when a heard a cracking noise followed by a falling tree. Thankfully, I was quick enough to grab a hold before it came crashing down on 1 or more of my 3 children nearby. Basically, the tree stand frame broke and the tree had to be dismantled. I was literally holding the tree up with 1 hand and removing not so fragile ornaments with the other. Emily, standing close by said "Don't worry Mommy, we'll help you." My brilliant and helpful children carried these ornaments into our kitchen and placed them on the table. I would guess they made a dozen or more round trips with ornaments. John then found a make shift brace for the tree while we removed the glass ornaments and lights. Then, one by one, the kids carried each & every tree branch to me in the kitchen so they could be placed in totes for storage. Talk about teamwork!!! All we could think about was the Wonder Pets theme song "What kind of work, teamwork."

Anyway, I don't really believe in superstitions, but even if the old saying is true about bad luck when taking trees down before Jan. 1, I think we qualify for an exemption!!!

This was really hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Season

The kids are very excited about Christmas this year. I never dreamed they would have any concept of this holiday. I was so wrong! We have visited Santa 3 times already, and they want to go back for more. Noah says "I love Santa" and Sydney is consistently asking for a baby (we think she means a real live baby). All three are asking for presents (nothing in particular)! Many of our tree ornaments keep being rearranged. They can hardly keep their hands off the tree. Christmas morning is going to be a blast.

Merry Christmas & God Bless You!