Friday, August 8, 2008

New pictures added!

My apologies, I didn't realize how far behind I was in uploading pictures. The albums have a 500-picture limit, so for the new batch I had to start a new album.

Click in there and see how much they've changed!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big Day Yesterday!

In fact, it was such a big day yesterday that Amy and I were too tired to post this last night, so here it is today:

The triplets had a follow-up assessment yesterday and were "graduated", meaning they are on track or ahead developmentally and don't need any further follow-up assessments!

Noah is now the big dog of the bunch at 21.5 lbs, topping Emily by 9 ounces and Sydney by a full pound. He's a big eater, and I guess we know where it's all going.

Emily is still the tallest, but the others are tracking well for height (I don't have the measurements, but they're all around 2.5 ft tall).

Sydney put on a puzzle solving demonstration for the assessors, landing her at the 18-month level for her cognitive and problem-solving skills. She's officially the one to keep an eye on as far as figuring out how to get into things they're not supposed to...

They didn't rate as high on verbal skills, but Amy and I chalk that up to shyness. Our children tend to clam up around new people, at least at first. At home, I can tell you that Emily and Noah chatter to themselves and each other quite a bit, and Sydney is working out how to express herself as well.

Emily's new nickname is "Emily the Conqueror". She earned that by conquering the furniture in the family room. She can climb up on the couch and the ottoman without any help, and just this morning added the rocking recliner to her list. I looked into the family room while cleaning up the trays from breakfast to find her standing on the seat cushion, facing the chair back and rocking it while she smiled and giggled. Good job, Emily, but there goes the concept of furniture as containment...

Recently, their Grandma and Grandpa Cheesman came to visit for a few days, and the babies loved going out for walks with them! Noah even ended up with a tan line at his ankles where his socks were.

Later this month, Grandma and Grandpa Ayres will return for a visit, their first time seeing them since just after the first birthday. It puts it into perspective to think that when my parents last saw them, they weren't quite yet walking, or chattering as much. They've put on something in the neighborhood of 5 pounds, Emily's hair has filled in and started curling and Noah's had not one, but two haircuts. (He's due for another...)

Sixteen months old today!