Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok, so we're a little behind on our updates. Well, more than a little!

Let me start by saying "yikes"! Life is sure hectic for this Ayres family. While John and I are working fulltime outside of the home, our parents are working fulltime in our home. The grandparents are taking exceptional care of Emily, Noah and Sydney. The babies are healthy and very happy. Most of the time, Emily and Noah have huge smiles on their faces. Sydney is more conservative with her smiles. She has such an Angelic face and has her Daddy wrapped around her finger (not her thumb--it's reserved for sucking). Yes, that's right, Sydney has begun sucking her thumb. It's so adoreable! Emily has mastered rolling from back to tummy and vice versa. Noah (my Hey Goodlookin') can sure make noise. His squeals are sure to crack our mirrors. They certainly have individual personalities and can sure crack us up!

We visited the pediatrician today for their 6 month well child visit. All 3 are sure growing. Noah weighs 14lb, 11oz; Sydney weighs 15lb, 2oz; Emily weighs 15lb, 15oz. The received their 6 month vaccinations and behaved like trooopers. Noah still has some reflux issues, but they have definitely improved since starting Zantac & Priloac. All 3 are eating baby food once daily. We alternate veggies and fruits.

We'll try to add new pictures to the album this weekend. I must stop typing now. I'm falling asleep!