Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayers Please

My life was turned upside down today when it was announced my employment with AT&T will terminate effective March 16, 2009, 5 months shy of my 19th year service anniversary. An estimated 12,000 AT&T employees will lose their jobs by the end of 2009.

As most of you know, John quit his job this past March to become a stay-at-home dad. We were unsuccessful finding childcare, not to mention affordable childcare. I never dreamed I would be facing unemployment. I planned to retire from AT&T in another 20 years or so. I don't know what our future holds. I'm scared, but I know God will provide for my family.

John & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday, I was notified of employment termination today, and the triplets will be 20 months old tomorrow. Please pray for our family.


Friday, October 17, 2008


Noah's surgery was a success. He had his hernia repaired at 7a yesterday. He slept most of the day and finally ate some applesauce in the afternoon. He sipped on Pedialyte and ate tons of peas last evening. Although a little fussy, he was a terrific patient. We never heard a peep from him all night and he is his same happy self this morning. He's already bouncing up and down and running from point A to point B.

One of the most amazing parts of his recovery yesterday was the behavior of his sisters. They awoke yesterday morning to his empty crib. When we arrived home from the hospital, they were quiet and concerned acting. His crying resulted in their crying. They knew something was wrong with Noah and were sensitive to him. Sydney kept bestowing kisses on Noah and Emily circled like a mother protecting her child. Multiples definitely have a special connection!

Thanks for everyones prayers!



Monday, October 6, 2008

18 Months Today

It's so hard to believe how quickly the last 18 months have gone. Our three amazing children started as 4lb preemies born at 35 weeks and have grown to 20+ lbs and full of life! They are jabbering, dancing, jumping and so much more. You'd have to see them to appreciate how much fun they really have together.

Life is exhausting, yet rewarding. May all of you experience the same joy we do each day!



P.S. Watch for Halloween pictures later this month.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kissing, kissing, kissing!

The triplets have started kissing each other. It's so cute! We haven't captured any of their tender moments on camera or video yet, but we will.

Sydney said "fish" and "feet" today. She is really making fast strides in language. Even so, she will be working with a therapist weekly to help develop her speech.

Emily, like Sydney, is also working on new words and sounds. She's very enthusiastic with "bye, bye and she's mastering "bath". She'll also be working on speech skills with the same therapist.

The girls will be new participants in First Steps, for which Noah has been a client for 6 months. This program works to identify any delays in development and offers the appropriate therapy to ensure children don't fall behind in their first 3 years of life. Noah has excelled with his motor skills in the last 6 months and met all of his goals. He'll be receiving speech therapy going forward. All three barely qualify for speech therapy. We were beginning to worry because none of them were forming words. Now all of a sudden it's begun.

I'm getting really excited for the arrival of October. I love Halloween and the triplets costumes are ready. They're all dressing as bumble bee's. We're taking them to the Picture People to have professional shots taken in their costumes. In addition, they turn 18 months in Oct. so I've got new fall outfits ready for additional pictures. I'd really like to have a photographer take these pictures at a pumkin patch. Not sure about that yet.

Getting ready for Christmas already. I just got their outfits for our family photo. Not the traditional holiday clothes. I picked out clothes they'll get some use out of. Christmas will be lean this year. Living on a single income with a husband and 3 babies is a challenge. We're struggling financially and my overtime at work ended some time back. We just have to conserve where possible. I'm now taking the Indy Metro bus to work. I'm saving alot on gasoline!

In a couple of weeks, Noah is having surgery to repair a groin hernia. Oct. 16th is the date and I'm extremely nervous about the procedure. I've been very emotional about this whole thing and wondering what I'd do if something ever happened to one of my children. I get so frustrated with them sometimes but I love them more than words can express. So much has changed in 18 months. I keep reminding myself how blessed my life is with John, Emily, Noah & Sydney.

Thank goodness for my parents who continue to come monthly and stay for several days. They give John & I the chance to get out alone while they concentrate on their grandchildren. My dad really cracks them up and they love taking walks with my mom (using their new triple stroller).

Well, I've got some laundry to fold (big shock). John's up in Fishers this evening for a night of "Rock Band" with the guys. This is the first time one of us is home alone (at night) with the babies. He didn't leave until some time after they went to bed. All is quiet and I hope it stays that way. Emily's having some sleep issues. I'm beginning to wonder is she's having sleep terrors or something like that. She just wakes very upset and scared sounding. Usually it just requires some patting on her back and standing next to her crib a few minutes to settle her. I'll be hitting the sheets soon myself. I'm tuckered out!


Monday, September 22, 2008


It doesn't seem like the time is passing so quickly, and yet it is...

The big news (and the reason for the title) is that The Beans are developing vocabularies. some time ago, I posted that when Noah and Sydney did something for the first time, they'd find a sign posted saying "Emily was here... first" Well, not this time.

They've all been making syllables, the occasional Ma-ma-ma or Ba-ba-ba or Da-da-da. Two weeks ago we got what I considered to be the first "words". Words that expressed something, words that carried meaning for the first time. I needed to run an errand during the day, so I had to get them ready to go and we were going to leave after lunch. They love to get out of the house, either for a car ride or a walk around the neighborhood. They knew that we were going somewhere. They saw the shoes, they saw the diaper bag, they knew. As they were finishing up, I got the washcloth to clean them up. I started with Noah, and when I said "Are you ready to go bye-bye?", he lurched forward, stuck his arms out and said very clearly "Bye-bye!" As I was marvelling at his achievement, Emily was not to be outdone. She put her arms out, too and said "Bye-bye" Sydney was excited to go, too, but didn't say anything at the time.

Way to go, Noah.

They have more tricks in their vocabulary bag than just spoken words, too. We've been working on sign language, with Noah's therapist, some DVDs and practice around the house. First and quickest to pick it up has been Sydney. Their sign language vocabulary is growing very quickly now, too. We started with "more" and "eat". Sydney got those quick and started really paying attention to the DVDs. She knows "hat", "shoes" and more it seems every day. Although Emily and Noah are catching up, Sydney is tops when it comes to sign language.

Way to go, Sydney.

...and then there's Emily. Emily has changed so much in the last few weeks. She has absolutely mastered getting up on furniture. She has mastered stepping down forward without hanging on to anything. She started doing it on the step in the family room and when Amy and I clap and cheer for her, she gets a huge smile and runs back to do it over again. Her hair has been slow to come in, and very fine but in the last few weeks, her hair has begun to fill in and really get some length. It's curling up in the back and it looks so adorable. It's lighter than Sydney's, so Emily is starting out as a blue-eyed blonde. I'm in so much trouble when the boys begin to circle my daughters...

Way to go, Emily.

And hey, Daddy got to add a new word to his vocabulary, too. The word last week was... Gout.
My right foot was sore, then seemed to get better, then within a day got drastically worse. Intense, searing pain centered on the joint just below my big toe. (that knob on the side of your foot) By the time Amy got home from work, I had to go to a medical clinic because the pain was becoming unbearable. I was worried that as it got worse, I would lose the ability to put weight on it and be unable to carry a baby up or downstairs. The diagnosis was gout, and the doctor gave me a prescription for a mega anti-inflammatory and said I should be better in "24-48 hours". Amy took the next day off to take care of things while I was off my feet. I was nervous about that big of a time window, but fortunately relief came on schedule. It also helped greatly that Grandma and Grandpa Cheesman were coming for a visit this past week. They helped me get through the rest of the week caring for the babies. I was also able to get in to my regular doctor's office and got a blood test to confirm the gout diagnosis. That confirmation came in today, and now I'm starting a prescription to reduce the chemical in my blood that causes the gout and hopefully prevent another attack. As bad as the pain was, the silver lining in that very dark cloud was the help and comfort I got from my wife and her parents. It's what family is all about.

Way to go, family.


Friday, August 8, 2008

New pictures added!

My apologies, I didn't realize how far behind I was in uploading pictures. The albums have a 500-picture limit, so for the new batch I had to start a new album.

Click in there and see how much they've changed!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big Day Yesterday!

In fact, it was such a big day yesterday that Amy and I were too tired to post this last night, so here it is today:

The triplets had a follow-up assessment yesterday and were "graduated", meaning they are on track or ahead developmentally and don't need any further follow-up assessments!

Noah is now the big dog of the bunch at 21.5 lbs, topping Emily by 9 ounces and Sydney by a full pound. He's a big eater, and I guess we know where it's all going.

Emily is still the tallest, but the others are tracking well for height (I don't have the measurements, but they're all around 2.5 ft tall).

Sydney put on a puzzle solving demonstration for the assessors, landing her at the 18-month level for her cognitive and problem-solving skills. She's officially the one to keep an eye on as far as figuring out how to get into things they're not supposed to...

They didn't rate as high on verbal skills, but Amy and I chalk that up to shyness. Our children tend to clam up around new people, at least at first. At home, I can tell you that Emily and Noah chatter to themselves and each other quite a bit, and Sydney is working out how to express herself as well.

Emily's new nickname is "Emily the Conqueror". She earned that by conquering the furniture in the family room. She can climb up on the couch and the ottoman without any help, and just this morning added the rocking recliner to her list. I looked into the family room while cleaning up the trays from breakfast to find her standing on the seat cushion, facing the chair back and rocking it while she smiled and giggled. Good job, Emily, but there goes the concept of furniture as containment...

Recently, their Grandma and Grandpa Cheesman came to visit for a few days, and the babies loved going out for walks with them! Noah even ended up with a tan line at his ankles where his socks were.

Later this month, Grandma and Grandpa Ayres will return for a visit, their first time seeing them since just after the first birthday. It puts it into perspective to think that when my parents last saw them, they weren't quite yet walking, or chattering as much. They've put on something in the neighborhood of 5 pounds, Emily's hair has filled in and started curling and Noah's had not one, but two haircuts. (He's due for another...)

Sixteen months old today!


Friday, July 18, 2008

3 Busy Bees

Yes, we have 3 busy bees in our home. Noah is turning into a chatter bug, Emily is reaching everything we thought was out of reach, and Sydney, she's more snugly than ever. Most days, they play pretty well together. Oh sure, they take toys away from one another alot! We're still having some biting issues, though less frequent. All 3 have a particular fondness for bopping one another in the head with a shape, block, or anything they can hold. They are definitely understanding the word "NO" when they choose.

All 3 have great appetites. John has started making his own blueberry waffles for their breakfast. He'll whip up a batch that will get them through the week. They continue to gobble up veggies, bananas and yogurt. They are still taking bottles before their breakfast & dinner. I'm sure we'll take the bottle away soon. They drink water from their sippy cups in between.

We took our first family trip to the Indianapolis Zoo a few weeks ago. It went wonderful. John had his doubts. We missed out on several attractions because of the strollers and the crowds were thick. Even so, they got to see the Walrus and Penguins up close. We hope to have a 3rd adult on our next trip so we can see the Dolphins and some of the other animals that were impossible to see from their vantage point. We'll definitely benefit from a family pass when their a little older.

All three are learning some sign language from a great video Noah's therapist uses. John is signing to them alot. We hope this will help us communicate better while they work on their talking skills. They all continue to thrive intellectually and we're always thankful that they continue to be exceptional healthy.



Monday, June 16, 2008

On The Mend (some of us)!

The babies are doing well and finishing their antibiotics in the next couple of days. The congestion and coughs are gone. They have their appetites back and feisty as ever!

John and I are still struggling to recover from our sinus infections. It was impossible to get plenty of rest with 3 14-month olds in the house. I stayed home from work the entire week. Thankfully, Grandma & Grandpa Cheesman arrived last Thursday to give us a break. We really appreciate all they do for our family. Dad trimmed all the bushes while mom mowed our lawn.

The babies loved having their grandparents around. There is no doubt that Emily, Noah & Sydney know who Grandma & Grandpa are. Sydney even fetched Grandma's shoes when requested. She is so smart! All 3 have exceptional intelligence.

John and I went to a movie on Saturday & Sunday. Time away was just what the doctor ordered! We always hate to see our parents leave. Their help and support is invaluable. We are looking forward to Grandma & Grandpa Ayres visit in the next couple of months. They are sticking close to home for some much needed rest!

The babies experienced their swing set for the first time. Big smiles down the line! Our time outdoors is limited since the babies bedtime is 7p. We look forward to pleasant weekend weather.



Monday, June 9, 2008

Sick, sick, sick, sick & sick!

Let me repeat, sick! Our entire family is under the weather. John and I took the triplets to see their pediatrician this morning. Diagnosis--ear infections (first ever). I then saw my GP this afternoon and got confirmation of a sinus and ear infection. After putting the babies to bed this evening, John visited one of our local Immediate Care Centers and received his sinus infection diagnosis. Can you say, "when it rains, it pours." The last 4 days have been pretty miserable.

This past Saturday, we found ourselves flooded in from excessive rain. We lost electricity for several hours, but were fortunate that our home (in particular basement) didn't suffer any damage. I was a little panicky because we truly couldn't drive away from our home. All streets were flooded and main roads closed. Our nearest major highway, I65, was closed as well. The babies were coughing bad and I was scared we might need medical attention. John called the Johnson County Emergency Services department and verified we would call the Whiteland Fire Dept if we required a rescue. Thankfully, we were able to weather the storm (no pun intended).

Anyway, we are exhausted and medicated. It's time to shut the lights out. Goodnight!



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome June!

This past week has been busy and fun with my family. We went to 2 cookouts, including one on Memorial Day at my sisters. The babies had lots to experience at Aunt Jenny's. Grandpa Cheesman pulled them in a red wagon and they slid down a slide for the first time. Emily really travels around Aunt Jenny's home. She was even spotted by Grandma Cheesman running down the hall!

We had our first family outing to the Children's Museum on Thursday. Sydney & Noah rode on the carousel but Emily was frightened by the loud music. She'll get another chance when we visit the zoo. While the babies napped in the strollers, John & I had the opportunity to explore the museums newest exhibits honoring Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and Anne Frank. All were part of a series highlighting those who were victims of racism and prejudice. It's quite emotional but educational. We ended our day in Playscape, a play area for children 5 and under. They enjoyed playing and climbing on the foam mats.

Anyway, all 3 really crack me up. The girls keep chanting "me, me, me" and while playing with Noah yesterday, he laughed like we've never heard before. Kisses (licks) are plenty and they all love being cuddled. Emily is the first to climb furniture. She successfully climbed on top of a storage cube twice, shortly followed but a tumble into the toy box. Oh, she turned the lock on the door to the garage. She's unstoppable! Sydney has great recognition. Just name a specific toy/stuffed animal, and she'll find it. Sydney really is sensitive and enjoys being in our arms. I hope she always displays love and affection like she does now. Noah loves to play rough house with daddy. Specifically, he loves to dive onto & over John. This is what we call "daddy on the floor" time. He's really displaying a bashful side. It's so adorable! This look will always be etched in my mind.

Well, I must sign out for now, but rest assured, I am committed to adding update frequently.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, how time flies!

Let me start by saying---WOW (for those of you who don't know, Emily went through a stage of using this expression a lot).

We celebrated the triplets 1st Birthday on April 6th with a Baby Einstein theme. Sydney wore her cake while Emily & Noah were more conservative with theirs. Be sure to check out our photo album for the party pictures.

The Ayres household is buzzing with activity. Emily, Noah & Sydney are all walking and doing a fine job. They love to play a game we call "Where's _____." The babies play by walking behind a big man's recliner in the corner. We'll then ask, "Where's Emily, Noah or Sydney" and they walk out from behind the chair. It's very entertaining.

We graduated to Vitamin D milk and table food exclusively with their 1st birthday. They have great appetites and do a really good job eating with their fingers! Some of their favorites include bananas, yogurt and lima beans. Noah would eat forever if you let him. He tends to cry in protest to having his hands & face cleaned off. This signals the end of meal/snack time and he doesn't like it.

As most of you know, John is a full time stay-at-home dad. His new job started April 7, 2008. He is doing a fabulous job keeping them on a sleeping/eating/playing schedule. They are learning so much from him and Baby Einstein. Right now, we are working on recognizing body parts (eyes, ears, mouth, nose and toes). Oh, and John is teaching them to hi-five. It's so cute!

They are all growing mischievous. The girls recently discovered the top drawer of their chest and emptied out the socks. Daddy has now added safety latches so we don't have to clean up after each nap. Noah's working on his biceps by doing pull ups at the pack-n-play, safety gate and kitchen table. He's so strong!

At last check, Emily weighed 19 lbs, Noah 18 lbs 8 oz and Sydney 18 lbs 4 oz. All three are hitting their milestones and thriving as expected. We are so thankful to have healthy, happy and loving children. They are very affectionate and love one-on-one time with us.

Next week, we plan to visit the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indianapolis Children's Museum. We'll post pictures soon so please check back.

Love to All,


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Growing, growing, growing!

Here are the pediatrician updates I promised. Sydney weighs 17 lb 6 oz, Noah weighs 17 lb 6-1/2 oz, and Emily weighs 17 lb 10 oz. Over the last several months, Noah has really overcome the reflux he suffered from. Since he is doing so well, we have officially stopped all meds for his symptoms. No more Prilosec or Zantac. We are thrilled! I was afraid he would experience withdraws since he really like taking his medicine. If he misses them, we don't know it! Our pediatrician has given us the ok to stop offering formula once they turn 1 year of age. Instead, we'll switch to Vitamin D milk. What a huge savings that will be.

Emily is officially on the move. She started crawling in the last week and is now pulling herself up! When I called home today to check on the babies, my mom said "Emily thinks she's hot stuff" moving about. She is really keeping my parents on their toes! Oh, she's already bumped her head a couple of times today. Grandma & Grandpa Ayres have a lot to look forward to when they arrive on Sunday.

Sydney just started saying Ma, Ma yesterday. John called me at work so I could hear her chanting them over and over. Of course when I got home, she didn't have anything to say to me.

Like Emily, Sydney and Noah are getting on their knees. I don't think it'll be long before they become the engines, not the caboose!

Noah is a character. He smiles so much and giggles at some the silliest things. For example, I sing a bit from a rap song that really gets a big response. Noah is our most eager baby food eater. He generally has 2 jars daily compared to 1 for each of the girls. Noah feels the faster you shovel it in the better. He really does take after me!

All three are doing terrific (outside of some recent nighttime sleep issues). John and I are preparing for his new job...stay at home dad, which will officially start the end of March. The grandparents will continue to help out as long as they are needed, for which we are thankful!

Well, my lunch hour is ending so I must get back to work. Please keep checking back for updates.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

9 Months Old

Yes, you read correctly. Emily, Noah & Sydney are 9 months old today. Although the first couple of months seemed to crawl, the recent months are flying by. I'm already starting to plan for their 1st birthday party. We already have their personalized bibs for the occassion.

The little stinkers personalities are in full force. Emily has decided to skip a nap or 2 each day. Instead of 3 naps daily, she sometimes only takes 1. As the Eddie Murphy song goes "my girl loves to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time!" She is rocking on her hands and knees so it shouldn't be long until she starts crawling. Noah started babbling on Christmas day like Emily. Lots of ba, ba's. He still has no teeth but still packs quite a bite! He loves to make noise and smile. He's especially amused by my yawns! Like Emily, Sydney is beginning to get on all fours. I don't think she'll be far behind her sister. Sydney is our most sensitive. Leaving her sight will result in a cry. She's so attached!

We took some snapshots yesterday in hopes of capturing a photo to submit in the Regis & Kelly Most Beautiful Baby Contest. Of course the pictures are cute, but we weren't successful getting smiles all around. You just can't imagine what a challenge that is. I'm hoping the Ayres triplets will be chosen. If they are not, I still think they are the most beautiful.

I will post updated weights/heights next week after their pediatrician appointment. Later this month, we'll visit St Francis Hospital for their Developmental Clinic where they are assessed by various therapist. This will be our 2nd assessment since the triplets were born 5 weeks premature. We passed with flying colors in July. I'm sure we'll have the same great results.

Time for bed. Got to be up @4:30a. Hoping no wild babies tonight. All 3 got up this am between 3a-5a. Not typical--thank God!


P.S. Emily says "Da, Da"