Friday, July 18, 2008

3 Busy Bees

Yes, we have 3 busy bees in our home. Noah is turning into a chatter bug, Emily is reaching everything we thought was out of reach, and Sydney, she's more snugly than ever. Most days, they play pretty well together. Oh sure, they take toys away from one another alot! We're still having some biting issues, though less frequent. All 3 have a particular fondness for bopping one another in the head with a shape, block, or anything they can hold. They are definitely understanding the word "NO" when they choose.

All 3 have great appetites. John has started making his own blueberry waffles for their breakfast. He'll whip up a batch that will get them through the week. They continue to gobble up veggies, bananas and yogurt. They are still taking bottles before their breakfast & dinner. I'm sure we'll take the bottle away soon. They drink water from their sippy cups in between.

We took our first family trip to the Indianapolis Zoo a few weeks ago. It went wonderful. John had his doubts. We missed out on several attractions because of the strollers and the crowds were thick. Even so, they got to see the Walrus and Penguins up close. We hope to have a 3rd adult on our next trip so we can see the Dolphins and some of the other animals that were impossible to see from their vantage point. We'll definitely benefit from a family pass when their a little older.

All three are learning some sign language from a great video Noah's therapist uses. John is signing to them alot. We hope this will help us communicate better while they work on their talking skills. They all continue to thrive intellectually and we're always thankful that they continue to be exceptional healthy.