Monday, June 16, 2008

On The Mend (some of us)!

The babies are doing well and finishing their antibiotics in the next couple of days. The congestion and coughs are gone. They have their appetites back and feisty as ever!

John and I are still struggling to recover from our sinus infections. It was impossible to get plenty of rest with 3 14-month olds in the house. I stayed home from work the entire week. Thankfully, Grandma & Grandpa Cheesman arrived last Thursday to give us a break. We really appreciate all they do for our family. Dad trimmed all the bushes while mom mowed our lawn.

The babies loved having their grandparents around. There is no doubt that Emily, Noah & Sydney know who Grandma & Grandpa are. Sydney even fetched Grandma's shoes when requested. She is so smart! All 3 have exceptional intelligence.

John and I went to a movie on Saturday & Sunday. Time away was just what the doctor ordered! We always hate to see our parents leave. Their help and support is invaluable. We are looking forward to Grandma & Grandpa Ayres visit in the next couple of months. They are sticking close to home for some much needed rest!

The babies experienced their swing set for the first time. Big smiles down the line! Our time outdoors is limited since the babies bedtime is 7p. We look forward to pleasant weekend weather.



Monday, June 9, 2008

Sick, sick, sick, sick & sick!

Let me repeat, sick! Our entire family is under the weather. John and I took the triplets to see their pediatrician this morning. Diagnosis--ear infections (first ever). I then saw my GP this afternoon and got confirmation of a sinus and ear infection. After putting the babies to bed this evening, John visited one of our local Immediate Care Centers and received his sinus infection diagnosis. Can you say, "when it rains, it pours." The last 4 days have been pretty miserable.

This past Saturday, we found ourselves flooded in from excessive rain. We lost electricity for several hours, but were fortunate that our home (in particular basement) didn't suffer any damage. I was a little panicky because we truly couldn't drive away from our home. All streets were flooded and main roads closed. Our nearest major highway, I65, was closed as well. The babies were coughing bad and I was scared we might need medical attention. John called the Johnson County Emergency Services department and verified we would call the Whiteland Fire Dept if we required a rescue. Thankfully, we were able to weather the storm (no pun intended).

Anyway, we are exhausted and medicated. It's time to shut the lights out. Goodnight!



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome June!

This past week has been busy and fun with my family. We went to 2 cookouts, including one on Memorial Day at my sisters. The babies had lots to experience at Aunt Jenny's. Grandpa Cheesman pulled them in a red wagon and they slid down a slide for the first time. Emily really travels around Aunt Jenny's home. She was even spotted by Grandma Cheesman running down the hall!

We had our first family outing to the Children's Museum on Thursday. Sydney & Noah rode on the carousel but Emily was frightened by the loud music. She'll get another chance when we visit the zoo. While the babies napped in the strollers, John & I had the opportunity to explore the museums newest exhibits honoring Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and Anne Frank. All were part of a series highlighting those who were victims of racism and prejudice. It's quite emotional but educational. We ended our day in Playscape, a play area for children 5 and under. They enjoyed playing and climbing on the foam mats.

Anyway, all 3 really crack me up. The girls keep chanting "me, me, me" and while playing with Noah yesterday, he laughed like we've never heard before. Kisses (licks) are plenty and they all love being cuddled. Emily is the first to climb furniture. She successfully climbed on top of a storage cube twice, shortly followed but a tumble into the toy box. Oh, she turned the lock on the door to the garage. She's unstoppable! Sydney has great recognition. Just name a specific toy/stuffed animal, and she'll find it. Sydney really is sensitive and enjoys being in our arms. I hope she always displays love and affection like she does now. Noah loves to play rough house with daddy. Specifically, he loves to dive onto & over John. This is what we call "daddy on the floor" time. He's really displaying a bashful side. It's so adorable! This look will always be etched in my mind.

Well, I must sign out for now, but rest assured, I am committed to adding update frequently.