Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

After a long lapse in blogging, I must share our Easter experience. The triplets are just 2 days from their 3rd birthday. They are officially excited about holidays. They awoke this morning to find their new, personalized Easter bags with a few goodies (Peeps, bubble wands, Easter bracelets for the girls, Matchbox cars for the boy, and lots of stickers). It wasn't much, but plenty for their age. We put some bunny ears on & off they hopped! They had their first experience coloring eggs, and it was a good one. Sydney ended up with blue fingers! We enjoyed an afternoon at Independence Park in Greenwood followed by our small Easter dinner at home. It was just me, John & the triplets. No family to celebrate with this year. Dad was down last weekend, Jenny is in North Carolina with her girls & grandchildren, and of course John's parents are in Texas.

We all enjoyed our ham, potatoes, shells & cheese & green beans. It was simple to prepare, just the way I like it! Then we surprised the triplets with an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. The Easter Bunny hid quarters, Skittles & Reese's Peanut Butter Bunnies. The girls are excited about the candy, but not Noah. He wants nothing to do with candy, but enjoys marshmallows. Oh, the Peeps were rejected by all so they are in the trash already.

I've ordered an egg-less cake for the triplets preschool birthday party on Tuesday. One student has an egg allergy. I'm taking some apple slices & fresh blueberries also. The triplets love their fruit. We've put together 21 goody bags with stickers, bubbles & a Crayola magnetic frame ready for coloring. Hoping they have a great time with their little friends. We'll have their official Dora & Diego themed party next Sat. at our home. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather so we can have their bounce house up. Also waiting on the arrival of their new Radio Flyer tricycles, red for Noah, and pink for the girls. Can't wait to see all 3 on their trikes. Having their 3 year pictures taken the end of May outdoors so planning some with their trikes. I'm so excited!

Kisses to my mom in Heaven.



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