Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sad Day

Ok, this day was more than sad. It ranks as the worst day of my life. Today, my mother Barbara Cheesman, was laid to rest. Her death was unexpected and the cause hasn't been determined. My parents were supposed to spend the weekend with us but my mom started experiencing some flu like symptoms late Thursday evening. She died at home around 7a on September 13, 2009, just 2 days after her 68th birthday.

In spite of today's events, John & I had to get back to Indianapolis to pick the triplets up from preschool and follow our normal routine. Just hours after saying my final goodbye to mom, I was bathing my beautiful children. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of shutting down to mourn our loss. We have the rest of the week off work, so we plan to rest and work toward moving forward as my mom would want.

Today has been a mixture of emotions. My morning really started on a bright note when Noah exclaimed "I'm so happy". I really tried to hold it together around my children, but I wasn't completely successful. Each time I teared up, Emily & Sydney would ask "what's wrong Mommy" followed by some soothing techniques. Soon they would follow up with "it's ok Mommy". We have truly been blessed by compassionate and bright children.

I'm so happy for the time my mom spent with her youngest grandchildren. She showered them with love, and enjoyed the affection given to her. My mom was super! I always let her know how appreciated she was, but I really don't think I told her how much I loved her. My mom was the most generous and giving person I've ever known. She always put others above herself. Her friends, family and church had great respect for her.

I'll post an update on the triplets soon. For now, I really want to honor my mom, the greatest woman in my life.




Cecilia and Mike Combe said...

Amy, we send our biggest virtual hug to you. I only met your Mother a couple of times but, she was warm and welcoming. Know that we are thinking of you and are here if you need to talk.


Kris said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my mom in July very unexpectedly and it has been hard, but you will always have great memories.